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Home Security Systems Reviewed: Side-by-Side Comparison

With our second child coming, and two recent burglaries reported in our neighborhood, my wife and I decided it was time to get an alarm / security system installed in our home. Simple decision, but it took months to find a good solution. We ended up with Lifeshield, which we're happy with, but we learned a lot (and made a few mistakes) along the way. 

#1 - Lifeshield Home Security

  • 6 sensors
  • 2 central keypads
  • 2 keyfobs
  • Cellular connection to call center
  • Fire protection


  • Upfront cost: $299
  • Monthly monitoring cost (including fire protection): $29
  • Contract: none

We first saw Lifeshield while watching an episode of Extreme Makeover on ABC - they were used as the security system in the show's renovation project. I looked into the package and read online for reviews, and it seemed like Lifeshield had created a great package. What we loved the most was the DIY installation that everyone reported was easy, and no contract. Fire protection and extra sensors are included, plus you get a cellular connection for free to the call center. It seemed like every option that the other guys charged extra for were included as a part of the package.

We ordered the Lifeshield system and I was able to install it in one afternoon. You simply plug it into your home router, and stick the adhesive magnetic sensors on the doors and windows you want protected. There was no hard wiring to install, and you don't even need a home phone line. From that point, your home's system is connected with cellular connection to Lifeshield's call center. Anytime an alarm is tripped, a call is made to the center, and the center then calls your number. If someone answers, a secret password must be provided. If no one answers, or if the password is incorrect, a call is made to the local police authorities.

Our experience dealing with Lifeshield has been pleasant so far - the equipment has been high-quality and their support reps are knowledgable and helpful. We were also pleasantly surprised to find out that our Lifeshield system qualified us for a 30% discount on our home insurance. Overall, our Lifeshield system has been well worth it.

*update* Just found a coupon offer for Lifeshield - use this link to activate a 15% discount on your Lifeshield package.

#2 - ADT / Broadview

  • 6 sensors
  • 2 central keypads
  • 2 keyfobs
  • Cellular connection to emergency call center
  • Fire protection


  • Upfront cost (including installation): $1,530
  • Monthly monitoring / call center cost (including fire protection): $59
  • Contract: 3 years

ADT (now Broadview) has a Great reputation and years of experience in home and building security. You know you'll get reliable service with them. However, with a 3 year contract minimum, with a $1,000 termination fee if we discontinue the monthly monitoring service, the system was not only expensive to get started with, it seemed costly to deal with going forward.

#3 - Smarthome

  • 6 sensors
  • 2 central keypads
  • 2 keyfobs
  • Fire protection


  • Upfront cost: $570
  • Monthly monitoring cost (including fire protection): $42
  • Contract: 2 years

Smarthome was recommended to us as a well-known discount home security provider. They advertise a $99 startup price, however this only includes 1 central keypad and 2 sensors, and no fire protection. Installation is free, but after reading up in the home security forums, we discovered that many people had trouble with installation and had to hire a local installer to complete the installation. Overall, Smarthome looked good at first glance, but looked worse and worse the more we investigated.

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I was able to order the lifeshield homekit (not the free 30 day trial) with the upfront cost for $299 for only $124 using the below codes. They let you combine codes. Posting this on blogs I came across while researching lifeshield. Just saying thanks and I hope this helps someone.


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