Vivint Home Security vs Protect America vs Link Interactive: Home Security and Smart Home Services Compared
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Vivint Home Security vs Protect America vs Link Interactive: Home Security and Smart Home Services Compared

Vivint Home Security offers a large selection of home security and smart home products to choose from. They have professional installers to install your home security system and two types of payment plans to choose from. Protect America offers three types of home security systems, landline, cellular and broadband. Their system is a DIY installation and their website has good instructions. Link Interactive is also a DIY home security system plus they give the customer up to $1,300 in equipment free. Link Interactive has the lowest overall prices across their three plans.
Covered in this report
Vivint Home Security — Best Features
Vivint Home Security offers two payment options, buy the equipment, and only pay for the monitoring costs or pay monthly for both.
They have a large selection of home security and home automation products to choose form.
Best for: Customers that would like to have their home security system professionally installed instead of DIY.
Best deal: Current Promotions - [activate coupon]
Protect America — Best Features
Protect America has the lowest prices for their basic landline home security system.
Their home security system is DIY installation and they give customers up to $1,300 in equipment.
Best for: Customers that want a choice of landline, broadband or cellular plans to choose from.
Link Interactive — Best Features
Link Interactive has the lowest overall prices for their cellular plans.
They are rated A+ by the BBB and have the best customer ratings.
Best for: Customers that want a DIY installation home security system at affordable prices.

Vivint Home Security

Vivint Home Security is located in Provo, Utah and is a provider of smart home services throughout North America. In addition to providing smart home services, they also offer home automation, home security, and energy management services. Not only do they make life simpler, but also safer.

Vivint Home Security Features

Vivint Home Security offers everything you need for a smart home and home security, from start to finish. With Vivint Home Security, you will get the following:

  • Control: Vivint smart home app, Amazon Echo, SkyControl panel, NEST thermostat, and Element thermostat.
  • Home Security: Burglary detection, smart locks, and garage door control.
  • Cameras: Outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, doorbell camera, ping camera, and 24/7 video recording.
  • Services: 24/7 monitoring, in-home consultation, professional installation, and smart drive.

A closer look at their products and services include:


  • Smart Home App: With their control app you can control locks, lights, the temperature, arm and disarm the security system and more. You will also get alerts and notifications on your smart phone.
  • SkyControl Panel: This is the wireless interface that places all of your smart home controls in one place.
  • Amazon Echo: You can also combine the Vivint Home Security SkyControl with the Amazon Echo that integrates your voice commands with door locks, control lights, and close the garage door and more.
  • Smart Thermostat: Using either the NEST thermostat or the Vivint Home Security thermostat, you can control the home temperature with ease.

Home Security

Vivint Home Security offers products and services such as glass break detection, motion, door, and window sensors to alert you to any unauthorized entry into your home. Vivint Home Security also includes 24/7 monitoring that will respond to any emergency even if you cannot. There is also two-way talk available directly to their monitoring center right from the control panel.

Smart locks prevent unauthorized entry into your home. You can control you door locks from the next room or across the country. Discrete doorbell cameras let you see who is at the door before answering the door and be notified when a door is left unlocked.


Vivint Home Security has all the cameras you need for home security. With their cameras, you can get 20 second on demand video clips, alerts and notifications and their HD cameras are also infrared, allowing you to see what is going on even in the dark.

They have outdoor cameras, ping cameras so you can see what is going on inside the home, doorbell cameras and 24/7 video recording. Their doorbell camera includes:

  • Two-way communication with someone at your door.
  • Night vision
  • The ability to watch 30 second video clips on demand.
  • Custom notifications.
  • A 180 degree wide angle lens.
  • Integration with the SkyControl panel to lock and unlock the front door.

With Vivint Home Security video cameras, you can get 30 days of continuous video from 4 cameras. The videos include event markers that lets you view only the video where motion has been detected. They provide low cost video storage.

Vivint Home Security Services

 Vivint Home Security services includes 24/7 monitoring by their monitoring service, in-home consultation, and professional installation.

Vivint Home Security Packages

Vivint Home Security offers customers the ability to completely customize their smart home and home security systems, adding only the components they want. Products you can add include:

  • Medical alert pendant
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Smoke detector
  • Temperature / flood sensor
  • Door and window sensors
  • Recessed door sensor
  • Motion sensors
  • Tilt sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Key fob

Vivint Home Security has two plans and a couple of ways to pay. Customers can elect to pay for all of the equipment up front and just pay the monthly monitoring service costs or choose the financing option. If you choose the financing option, you will pay the monitoring service cost plus the equipment cost. They offer either a 42 month contract or a 60 month contract. Their basis equipment cost is $549 plus any addition pieces you would like to add.

Vivint Home Security Prices

Their monitoring packages cost:

  • Home Security plan starts at $39.99 per month
  • Home Automation plan starts at $49.99 per month

Vivint Home Security Coupons

Vivint Home Security Customer Ratings

Vivint Home Security has customer ratings and comments that range from poor to good. They have had problems over the years with poor customer service and complaints. They are rated by the Better Business Bureau a B, but they are getting better. Some customers stated that their installers tried to sell more products than is actually needed or wanted by the customer.

Protect America

Protect America has been in business since 1992 and since that time have had over half a million customers across America and Canada. They offer wireless home security and home automation protects that include GPS, and surveillance products. Protect America has been ranked #1 by and awarded Consumers Digest Best Buy from 2008 through 2013.

Protect America Features

Protect America has several advantages and features that include:

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • DIY installation
  • Protect America gives customers up to $1,300 in free equipment
  • Customizable home security packages
  • Flexible monitoring options for landline, broadband and cellular monitoring

Protect America Home Security Products

Protect America sells a wide variety of home security, home automation, and medical alert products. Their products can be installed by anyone, so customers do not have to pay for any type of installation costs. They include a simple to follow step-by-step installation guide. Protect America offers the following products:

Alarm Systems

  • Simon XT Control Panel: This panel controls, monitors, and reports on all home automation and security. They also have the Simon XTI Touchscreen, and the Simon XT Touchscreen.
  • Door and Window Sensors: Secure all doors and windows with these micro sensors.
  • Glass Break Sensor: Will sense the sound of broken glass within a 20 foot radius and sounds an alarm.
  • Video Security Camera: You can monitor your home from anywhere, day or night.
  • Garage Door Sensor: This sensor will trigger an alarm when the garage door is open without your permission.
  • Motion Detectors: Use these wireless motion detectors for an added layer of defense, placing them in hallways or anywhere in the home. They detect motion in a 90 degree arc.
  • Mini PinPad: You can place these keypads anywhere in the home to use as a second arm and disarm panel. It also includes buttons to sound a panic alarm.
  • Two Button Panic Alarm: These can also be placed anywhere in the home to arm and disarm the system or sound a panic alarm.

Home Automation

  • Protect America Smart App: Control your home from anywhere with their smart app.
  • Yale Z-Wave Door Lock: Digital door locks work with a pass code or your smart phone.
  • Z-Wave Appliance Module: Helps decrease energy usage and make your home safer. You can turn on and off lights from anywhere, making it look as if someone is home.

Life Safety

  • Medical Alert Pendant: The medical alert pendant comes in the form of a necklace or can be worn on the wrist. An emergency response process will begin when the panic button is pressed.
  • Monitored Smoke Detector: This will protect against hot, flaming fires or smoky, smoldering fires. If smoke and or heat is detected, authorities will be notified and you will receive a text message.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector: A colorless and odorless gas, carbon monoxide can be deadly. This device will alert you if it detects carbon monoxide.

Driveway Security

Protect America’s driveway security device will alert you when a car arrives in your driveway.

Protect America Prices

Protect America offers three plans. Each plan comes with a motion detector and the Simon XT control panel and your choice of monitoring types, (landline, broadband or cellular monitoring.)




Landline - $19.99

Landline - $37.99

Landline - $42.99

Broadband - $41.99

Broadband - $49.99

Broadband - $54.99

Cellular - $41.99

Cellular - $49.99

Cellular - $54.99

3 door and window sensors

9 door and window sensors

14 door and window sensors

There is a $99 equipment and installation fee. You can call Protect America for a quote on customized home security systems. Their website has a great resource center about home security.

Protect America Customer Ratings

Protect America is rated A- with the Better Business Bureau with 94% negative comments and complaints. Most complaints deal with customers trying to cancel their service before the end of the contract. In order to cancel before the end of the contract, customers must pay the remainder of the contract.

Link Interactive

Located in Utah, Link Interactive was founded in 1952 and listed with the Better Business Bureau as Fire Protection Service. They are one of the leading DIY home security systems in the country. Their central monitoring center is CSAA 5 Diamond certified.

Link Interactive Features

Link Interactive has the following features:

  • A complete customizable home security system that you can install yourself.
  • Completely cellular wireless protection
  • 2-way voice included
  • Smash and crash protection for the equipment

Link Interactive Home Security Products

Link Interactive offers every type of home security system products you need to protect your home and family. Link Interactive uses Avantguard as their security monitoring central station. A few of their products include:

Home Security Products

  • Recessed door and window sensors
  • GO! Control alarm panel
  • Thin wireless door and window sensors
  • PAD1 wireless keypad
  • Tilt sensors
  • Smart image sensors
  • Wireless remote panic button
  • 4 button key ring remote
  • Wireless passive infrared motion sensors

Door and window sensors are very versatile and can also be placed near medicine cabinet doors, gun safes, liquor cabinets, pool gates and numerous other places.


Life Safety

  • Home disaster sensor
  • Wireless smoke/heat/freeze sensor
  • Wireless heat detector
  • Wireless carbon monoxide detector
  • And more

In addition to home security products Link Interactive also carries home automation products.

Automation Products

  • Yale touch screen deadbolt
  • smart thermostat
  • Z-Wave light bulbs
  • Lifemaster control panel
  • Many other home automation products

You can build your own system using any of their products for home security and smart home automation.

Link Interactive Prices

Link Interactive offers three plans to choose from with the following features:




$29.99 / month

$34.99 / month

$39.99 / month

100% cellular

100% cellular

100% cellular

2-way voice to monitoring station

2-way voice to monitoring station

2-way voice to monitoring station

Intrusion, Fire, Crash & Smash Alarm

Intrusion, Fire, Crash & Smash Alarm

Intrusion, Fire, Crash & Smash Alarm

Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors

Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors

Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors


Remote control online or app

Remote control online or app


Lights, locks and thermostat

Lights, locks and thermostat


HD video monitoring


On Demand, Scheduled, and Motion Activated Video Recording

With each plan, for another $200, there are many upgrades and options included.

Link Interactive Guarantee

Link Interactive gives a 30-day money back guarantee. Once you have tried out their home security system and you do not like it, you can send it back within 30 days of receiving the package using their free shipping label. You will be refunded what you paid for the system and any money you paid for monitoring.

All equipment sold by Link Interactive comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. If one of the sensors is not working properly, call Link Interactive and they will troubleshoot the problem and if needed, replace the sensor.

Link Interactive Customer Ratings

Link Interactive has very good customer comments and ratings. They are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau with no complaints. gives the company an Excellent rating of 9.3 out of 10.

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Vivint Home Security
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